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Friday, 27 July 2012

Angel Card

Today's Angel Card is from Doreen Virtues : “Healing With The Angels” deck
Today's card is : “Forgiveness”

“Let go of anger and resentment and feel yourself healed.
You don’t need to forgive the action, just the person - so that you can be at peace”
By having this card, your Angels guide you to release anger and irritation.
They realise that you may be perfectly justified in feeling angry.
Yet, they ask you to look at the high price you pay for being the vessel of anger
Forgiveness does not mean, ‘What you did is ok to me’.
It simply means, ‘I am no longer willing to carry around pain in response to your actions’
When we hold un-forgiveness in our hearts, we only punish ourselves after all.
Your Angels will help you to release un-forgiveness if you will ask for their assistance”.

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