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Welcome to my website. I pray you will find this site a place of healing and feel the Angels love work through the various posts, videos and online courses
offered here.
I am a Reiki Master who works with the Loving and healing Angels energies to help heal any issues that you face in day to day life.
Feel free to contact me for advice or help on any issue that is challenging to you . Namaste _/\_


The Orgone Tachyon Fusion Orb is a divine healing tool that we may work with
in many positive ways to assist in transmuting all forms of lower energies.

Orgone and Tachyon Energy are natural life force energies that exist around
us. This is not the same life force as reiki healing, but is energy that works on
amplifying, manifesting, divine alchemy and transmutation. The combination
of the orgone and tachyon energy tends to bring an overall balancing to the
healing. The Orgone Energy is more creative and feminine and Tachyon a more
forceful and strong masculine feel to it.

For this there is a cost of 10 Euros

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