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What is an Angel / Archangels

What is an Angel ? 

For the most part believers in Angels would tell you that they are Spiritual Beings. These Spiritual Beings are made up of energy as are we. They are messengers of God. Sent here to help us in any way they can to reach our Divine purpose in Life, our reason for existing in this lifetime.

For followers of Christianity, and many other religions and spiritual traditions, angels have been suspected to exist ever since the beginning of time and creation began. Some people have founded the idea that angels are spiritual beings with a particular place in Heaven, and their first purpose is to be message carriers and the soldiers of God Himself.

According to Biblical writings, God converses in the language of light and people communicate with sound, which is a potent energy that can prove harmful and destructive to mankind, and this is where angels play an important role.

Angels carry reduced levels of energy which can tolerated by human beings, in particular concerning the language employed by angels to speak with mankind.

There are maybe more than thirty kinds of angels generally known to mankind, emanating from numerous traditional religions apart from the Christian religion.

Some adherents of the faith, and students of angels have classified them into different classes, which they say is based on a definite of spiritual hierarchy or pecking order. Common accepted categories are Principalities, Archangels, Dominions, Seraphim, Powers, and Cherubims.

The idea behind these classifications, according to the experts, is that each class functions at different and various energy frequencies, and angels give messages to people who are best able to comprehend their particular energy frequencies. 

What are angels if not God's messengers?

Other proponents of the belief angels, additionally believe that they have differing spiritual levels and they also say that these spiritual entities 'live' in Heaven. The theorists believe that like we human beings down here on earth, there of course exists different types of animals that inhabit the earth, and this concept of all species living together fuels the belief that angels are amongst us.

 Thirty percent of angels with wings are low in the hierarchical order of angels, and are believed to be the ones conversing with human beings to send either warnings or a message from God.

However, some ancient philosophers and wise men believed that angels speak to men and women about worldly things, but don't always make themselves visible to anyone.
Its possibly a very personal thing, and who knows when someone can be touched by an angel?

The term Archangel describes a specific class of Angel in the hierarchy of the heavenly host.
According to the ranking of nine Angelic orders created by Pseudo - Dionysius in the late fifth or early in the sixth century, the Archangels are second to last in their proximity to God.
This has caused considerable confusion among Angel enthusiasts because some of the most important Angels, including Michael and Gabriel, are classified as being Archangels. As a result , this description of Archangel as any Angel ranking above the lowest, ninth, order of Angels is canonically incorrect.
Theologians and mystics have been debating the exact pecking order of Angels for centuries. It is though, generally understood that adding the prefix Arch , meaning ruler, indicates a special status.

Below is a table which indicates the Colour Ray and Chakra associated with each Archangel.

ArchangelRay ColourChakra
Archangel MichaelBlueThroat
Archangel JophielYellowCrown Chakra
Archangel ChamuelPinkHeart Chakra
Archangel GabrielWhiteBase 
Archangel RaphaelGreenThird Eye
Archangel UrielPurple & GoldSolar Plexis
Archangel ZadkielVioletSacral