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Friday, 8 February 2013

Today's Angel Card

Today's Angel Card comes from Angel Therapy Cards Doreen Virtue.
Today's card :Crystals 
The energy of crystals supports you and helps with your present situation.
This card presents a dual meaning with respect to the term crystal.
One or both may apply to you, which you’ll know by your inner reaction while reading these words.First this card represents the crystals of the mineral kingdom.
These powerful beings emit, transmute, and magnify energies.
For example clear quartz can increase your psychic clarity, black obsidian stone is an effective protector, pink rose quartz opens your heart to love and purple amethyst raises your spiritual vibrations.
This card is asking you to work with crystals energy as you feel guided to: by yourself, with the help of a crystal practitioner, or by conducting crystal healings for others.
The second meaning relates to people who are considered to be ‘crystalline’ themselves - that is , they are quiet and sensitive transmitters of healing energy.
Most crystals are young children, so this card could indicate that you are parenting or working with a crystal child. You may also have crystal characteristics yourself - particularly, if you are gentle, soft spoken, and a nature lover.
Action Steps 
Go to a store that sells crystals, and center yourself with prayer.
Quietly walk around all of the precious stones, no
ticing which ones attract you visually and through your feeling senses.
Run your hand above each crystal and observe whether its energy affects you.
If a particular crystal captivates your attention mentally ask it to give you a message and to send you pure healing energy.

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