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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Today's Angel Card

Today's Angel Card comes from Doreen Virtue's "Messages From Your Angels" Cards.
Today's Angel Card: “Vanessa”To make your decision, ask yourself,
’Which way brings me closer to my Divine purpose?
Which way takes me away from it?” 
Additional Message:“Should I go this way or that way? You wonder.
One day, you’re sure of your decision. The next day, you question it again.
This indecision will be healed by focusing on your Divine life purpose.
Even if you aren’t sure of your purpose’s exact nature, you do know that it involves bringing peace to yourself and others.
Based on this foundation, then, which decision brings you the most peace?“
If you’re still unsure, then ask God and the Angels to help you further.
You can ask us, “which decision will help you furth
er. You can ask us, Which decision will help the most people?
This is a wonderful  basis upon which to make your choice.
Sometimes the easiest route is the one that takes you further away from your Divine purpose.
So, your indecision may come from a fear of making waves, or uncertainty about your future.
In such cases, gradual change is warranted.
Slowly introduce your new direction into your daily life, and ease out of your old direction slowly.
In that way you wont frighten yourself, you will be more open to hearing God’s guidance, and you will feel our love.

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