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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Today's Angel Card

Today's Angel Card is from Doreen Virtues ArchAngel oracle Cards .
Today's card : Angel Therapy
ArchAngel Raphael : Give your cares and worries to us Angels, and allow us to take your burdens.”
Additional Message:” Have you asked us Angels for help with your situation?
We can only help if you give us permission.
Right now, close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath.
Then mentally call upon your guardian Angels and the Archangels to help you.
Don’t outline how you want to be helped ; just tell us what situation you’d like help with .
Most important, be open to receiving help as it comes to you .
The help might be in the form of a hunch, an intuitive idea, or direct intervention.
If you receive any respective guidance, it’s important that you follow it.” 
Working with ArchAngel Raphael: Ask Ra
phael to surround anything needing healing with his emerald green aura.
The crystals that are aligned with Raphael’s energy are emeralds and malachite.

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