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Friday, 2 November 2012

Today's Angel Card

Today's Angel Card comes from Doreen Virtues ArchAngel oracle Cards .
Today's card : Leadership
Archangel Gabriel : “It’s  time for you to assume your leadership power and position, and lovingly guide others.”
Additional Message: ”Embrace your power in a loving way, and use it for the greater good.
I’ll guide your actions so they inspire and motivate others.
I’ll also replace any self-doubt about your qualifications with an increased desire to serve, help , and teach.
When your focus is more on ‘How may I serve?’, then you won’t worry what others may think about you.
Focus upon your strengths, the many lessons you’ve learned,
and how good it feels to be a living example of following one’s Divine guidance.”
Working with ArchAngel Gabriel: Gabriel’s name means ‘God is My Strength’ and this phase describes you as well.
Regardless of your back ground, you have God’s strength pouring through you at all times.
Gabriel can help you fearlessly tap in to
this power.
She’ll reassure you that it’s safe for you to be powerful, and protect you in all ways.
Gabriel’s aura is copper, like her trumpet.
When you wear the crystal stone citrine, or the precious metal copper,
you readily connect with her energy.

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