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Monday, 19 November 2012

Today's Angel Card

Today's Angel Card comes from Doreen Virtues ArchAngel oracle Cards .
Today's card : Patience
Archangel Jophiel: “Your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realise.
Still, they need nurturing and patience.” 
Additional Message: “IT takes time for a seedling to push through the ground and mature into a flower-bearing plant.
Yet, each moment of a plant’s life cycle can bring joy to those who notice it’s beauty.
In the same way, enjoy the process of realising your dreams.
Slow down and feel gratitude, as each step brings your manifestation into tangible form.
Notice the lessons and love that spring from every moment that you engage in acting upon your dreams.”
Working with ArchAngel Jophiel:
Jophiel helps us experience more grace and peace in
our lives through slowing down and noticing the beauty that already surrounds us .
She asks us to savour and enjoy each moment, rather than hinging our happiness on future goals.
Call upon Jophiel anytime you feel rushed, stressed, or unhappy.
She’ll increase your awareness and appreciation of life’s everyday miracles.

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