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Monday, 3 September 2012

Daily Guidance From Your Angels Doreen Virtue

Let It Come To You

Instead of struggling to atain your desire, relax and let everything come to you. You don't have to strain to find what you're looking for - simply hold a clear vision that it's already yours, keep faith that it will come to you easily and effortlessly, and follow any guidance you receive.
Today, let go of old approaches to fulfilling your needs. Be like the smart angler who uses the proper bait ( in this case, your crystal clear thoughts ) , casts a line into the lake ( corresponding to the act of giving your desires to Spirit ), and patiently waits to be rewarded.
Determine what it is you want..... and realise that as long as you're searching for that item, you're sending out a signal that you don't have it. So thank the universe, and feel grateful for the fact that you've already received your wish. This process will yield the manifestation of your desire, often in a way that exceeds your expectations.
Write a detailed description of what you want today, and sign it with a " thank you." Fill your heart with feelings of gratitude - and enjoy the quick response that you receive from the universe.

Thought for Today

I let things come to me.
I cast my desires before me, allow
ing them to return to me in material form.
I feel grattitude before and after my wishes come true.

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