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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Daily Guidance From Your Angels Doreen Virtue

 Be Adventurous

You sometimes resist change because the unknown seems uncomfortable. Yet learning and growing are two earthly experiences that your soul craves. Although you may feel awkward in the face of novelty, there's also excitement in confronting it.
Be adventurous today and explore something new. Sign up for an interesting class, contact someone you admire, travel to an unfamiliar destination, go for a hike, or plan an exotic holiday trip. Push your boundaries to the point of exhilaration. Feel alive!
You'll admire yourself for taking courageous steps, because doing so increases your self-esteem and furthers your sense of confidence. These feelings will support you in following through with your life purpose, since you'll realise that you truly are qualified and able to bestow blessings in meaningful ways.

Thought for Today

I am adventurous.
I walk through the doorways of courage and enter a ne
w world of wonder and awe.
I discover that I have nothing to fear, for my explorations lead me to treasure chests that have always existed inside of me.

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