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Welcome to my website. I pray you will find this site a place of healing and feel the Angels love work through the various posts, videos and online courses
offered here.
I am a Reiki Master who works with the Loving and healing Angels energies to help heal any issues that you face in day to day life.
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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Daily Guidance From Your Angels

Know That Angels Are Right There

Heaven isn't some faraway place - it's a dimension that exists all around you. Therefore, at times you will feel our presence or see evidence that we're right here beside you.
We move as you do and stand next to you always. Although we'd never interfere with your free will, we're poised to help at every moment..... all you need to do is ask.

Thought For Today

My Angels are always by my side.
I am continuosly loved by
and they help me whenever I ask. 
I am supported, loved, and surrounded
by many Angels, now and always.

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