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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Angel Card

Today’s Angel Card is from The Guardian Angel Oracle Cards by Chrissie Astell. 
Today's Card : ArchAngel Gabriel.
The name ‘Gabriel’ in Hebrew, means ‘God is my strength’. ArchAngel Gabriel is the best-known Angel in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In Jewish and Christian tradition, Gabriel was ruler of the Cherubim and guardian of paradise, second only to Michael, Gabriel was said to sit at the left hand side of God. Gabriel was the ArchAngel of resurrection, annunciation, baptism and rebirth. Today, Gabriel is also known as the ArchAngel of communication and revelation, and the bringer of truth, who can direct us to our life’s
purpose. ArchAngel of winter, the East, air and the mind. Gabriel brings the dawning of fresh awareness, and signals new beginnings and opportunities. Symbols of Gabriel include white Lilies, bright light, the Moon and Mercury, ( both planet and metal ). Gabriel is said to impart wisdom and knowledge to the incoming soul of an unborn baby, and for this reason many people view this Archangel as a feminine power.
She is a natural source of creative inspiration, bringing ideas wrapped in messages of spiritual purpose and growth. She can encourage us to be flexible and inventive in our thinking.If you are seeking inspiration or a boost for your creative powers, you may feel drawn to use the image of Gabriel in meditation.
You can also use her image to assist you  To do this simply sit for a moment, holding the image and focus on the issue you wish to address. Visualise that you are surrounded by pure white light. Each time you inhale, imagine that you are drawing the light in through the top of your head, and down through your body. Ask Archangel Gabriel to grace you with her presence. Gabriel will bring you the energy of revelation.
Represents : Mind
Colour       : White
Element     : Air
Direction    : East
Season       : Winter
Qualities     :Clarity, Insight, Creativity, Wisdom.
Affirmation : I trust my inner guidance in the knowledge that I am loved.

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