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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Angel Card

Today’s Angel Card is from The Guardian Angel Oracle Cards by Chrissie Astell. 
Today's Card : Transformation
Representing mental and spiritual change, the Angel of Transformation asks you to consider your progress through life. He reminds you that metamorphosis vital for growth: death of a caterpillar is birth to a butterfly.Welcome each new d
evelopment in your thinking, and appreciate your ability to move onward and upward. Like an emerging butterfly, feel the courage to take off and fly.
Ask the Angel to help you to accept the initial discomfort of change, rather than trying to suppress it, so that you remain open to new energy. Try different things and, even if you do not like them, look for the positive in each situation. Do not worry if you sometimes stumble. Feel the joy of seeing life from a new perspective.

Affirmation : I gain confidence as I watch my own transformation.

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