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I am a Reiki Master who works with the Loving and healing Angels energies to help heal any issues that you face in day to day life.
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Monday, 21 May 2012

Angel Card

Today’s Angel Card is from The Guardian Angel Oracle Cards by Chrissie Astell. 
Today's Card : Insight
The gift of insight is granted to help you to understand your relationship with other people and the world around you.The Angel of Insight reminds you that you can find the tools to understand any situation if you seek focus and illumin
ation from the depths of your being. Sometimes your own instincts are all you need to guide you down the right path - keep a journal, and note any instances when you have trusted your heart and found enlightenment. Or sit quietly and ask the Angel a question, writing down whatever comes into your head, no matter how strange. These practises can help you to connect to the universal energy flowing through you, and bring you crystal-clear vision

Affirmation : I trust in my ability to have clear insight, as I open myself up to the flow of universal energy. 

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