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Monday, 2 April 2012

Angel Card

Today's card is from Doreen Virtue’s ArchAngel Raphael Healing oracle cards 
Today's card :   Leave A Stressful Situation Behind
You got this card because a stressful situation is affecting your health ( or the health of the person your inquiring of). The ill effects that your experiencing are the body’s way of communicating that the current level of stress is beyond its coping capacity, and it needs help--now. If there’s a way to permanently or at least temporarily leave the situation, this would create a corresponding relief of the adverse symptoms.Perhaps financial obligations are the reasons for remaining where you are. In such cases, stress management is vital to health and wellness. This includes assertiveness (read books or take classes on the topic if necessary); stress-relieving outlets such as exercise; and relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or massage. Think of these measures as mandatory investments in your long-term health.

My Prayer: Dear ArchAngel Raphael, thank you for giving me the courage and willingness to take good care of myself, including surrounding myself with healthy relationships and positive situations.

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