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Welcome to my website. I pray you will find this site a place of healing and feel the Angels love work through the various posts, videos and online courses
offered here.
I am a Reiki Master who works with the Loving and healing Angels energies to help heal any issues that you face in day to day life.
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Saturday, 24 March 2012


Be Thankful and grateful for all that you see, 
Be thankful and praise him for all you will be
Take care of your thinking for what it may be 
For how you will think is now how it will be
Think of your life always free of all stress
Try to remember to worry much less
Don't dwell on the bad just release all your cares 
Take time to give thanks and yes, everyday prayers 
Give Love to all that you see and you meet 
Take just a short moment and share love as you greet
Your life here is not meant to be filled with such cares 
Help those who journey this life unaware
Love those around you connect and be still
Be humble and grateful to God's glorious will

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